Who accesses the Réseau Santé Wallon ?


The patient registered on the RSW

The patient accesses the RSW, via the private space of the website. This access is granted to allow him to declare a therapeutic link with a doctor, and to verify the good application of privacy rules. He can, through the private space, give access to his complete health file, or limit it to specific documents. 

This private space also allows him to see who consulted his file and which medical document. 


Doctors intervening in his medical care

Doctors can access to the RSW, via the private space of the website, or via their Electronic Medical Record (EMR). 

They can register, declare a therapeutic link with a patient, consult medical documents regarding medical care continuity, reference new medical documents or adjust the access rights of a document of his own. 


The RSW administrator

The RSW administrator can access the RSW to execute a series of tasks, based on mandates signed by the patient or his legal representative. For example: the registration and consultation of the access history to the patients' files. The RSW administrator has no access to the medical content of the documents.