For administrative questions or suggestions, please contact the Fratem secretary. 


For questions regarding the integration and registration to the Réseau Santé Wallon, please contact the direction attaché.


In case of computer technical dysfunction, please contact the IT Help Desk.


In case of dispute, a mediation service is at your disposal.


​Contacts details
​IT Helpdesk

+32 (0)71/924647

​Data treatment responsible

​FRATEM asbl 

rue de Hesbaye, 75 

B-4000 Liège


​Marianne Descamps

Secretary (FRATEM et RSW) 

+32 (0)4/2248175

​Responsible doctor for the data treatement surveillance

Dr Philippe Jongen 

+32 (0)475/623965

​Security advisor

​Eric Gheur

+32 (0)2/7798557


​​Emmanuel Legrand 

+32 (0)4/3707408