The Réseau Santé Wallon (RSW) is a network formed by healthcare professionals to exchange medical information with each other and with patients.

The network relies on institutional and industry partners.

The project is led by FRATEM (the Regional Federation of Medical Telematic Associations), a non-profit organisation mandated by decree of the Walloon Region.

The RSW is financed by: 

  • AVIQ (the Walloon Agency for Quality of Life) 
  • all hospitals in Wallonia.

The RSW draws on medical information supplied by many healthcare professionals, such as individual healthcare providers, hospitals, analysis laboratories, radiology practices and medical centres. 

It is supported by a string of professional organisations from across the healthcare sector, including hospital federations (Santhea and Unessa) and umbrella organisations (such as the Collège de la Médecine Générale and the Plateforme de Première Ligne Wallonne), as well as by the e-santé Wallonie project, the Inter-RML (Local Multidisciplinary Networks), the Fédération d'Aide et Soins à Domicile, and more.

It also enjoys active support from LUSS (the federation of French-speaking patients’ associations) and from health insurance firms.

Various industry partners have already linked their software to the RSW, and others are currently finalising trials. These include Xperthis, PacsOnWeb, HDMP (Health One), Medispring and Corilus (non-exhaustive list). 

The RSW works closely with Abrumet (the Brussels equivalent of FRATEM), which manages the Réseau Santé Bruxellois.

It also has cordial working relationships with medical information exchange networks in northern Belgium, including CoZo (Collaboratief Zorgplatform) and vznKUL (Vlaams Ziekenhuisnetwerk KU Leuven), and with Vitalink, the Flemish government’s digital platform.

This page was last updated on: 29 July 2019