Steering the project


The Réseau Santé Wallon is born thanks to the initiative taken by some health professionals, all gathered in the FRATEM asbl (Regional Federation of Medical Telematic Associations). The FRATEM itself is made up of telematics associations spread geographically on the regional territory.


The composition of those associations respects the parity between representatives from the general and hospital medicine. 


95% of the Walloon hospitals from all sectors (public/private) are represented. Besides, we notice a very strong involvement from the general practitioners (support of the Forum of Generalists Associations) and the out-of-hospital specialists. All the actors of this projects are field care providers. 


The Administrative Council of the FRATEM leads this project. The FRATEM President is Dr. Philippe OLIVIER.The Réseau Santé Wallon project director is Dr. André VANDENBERGHE.


Surveillance Committee


An independent Surveillance Committee has been raised the 24th September 2009, as the Réseau Santé Wallon was growing.


It verifies the conformity of the Réseau Santé Wallon activities, when it comes to the privacy regulation. The FRATEM provides its secretary.