What are the  registration to the Réseau Santé Wallon advantages ?


European studies have shown this kind of projects generally brings substantial benefits to the patients as well as to the care professionals, and to the society in general. You will find here an introduction to this subject

For the patient

The patient's advantages are first of medical order: his care is accelerated and made easier, which can, in certain situations, be vital for him.

The redundant acts can be reduced, what decreases the stress level on one side and increases the patient's comfort on the other side. Evasive acts can sometimes be avoided, and the hospitalisation length reduced, what can contribute to diminish the contamination risks to nosocomial illnesses.

Finally, the patient will also be able to count on the RSW to benefit from other services, as a reference for his vaccination booklet, help for the diabetes care paths management, etc. 

At financial level, the patient's registration is free and the reduction of the redundant acts contributes to limit medical costs.

For the doctor

At the beginning of a treatment, the access to the patient's medical documents makes his care easier.

During the treatment, the RSW becomes a collaboration and data share tool between the various medical professionals taking care of the patient.

At the end of the hospitalisation, the RSW makes the medical care continuity easier.