European studies proved this type of project brings substantial benefit to patients as well as to health professionals and to the society in general. You will find an introduction on this subject here.

In the relationship with your patients.

Support and care continuity are made easier and faster for the registered patients, thanks to the instantaneous access to the medical documents referenced on the Réseau Santé Wallon.

Medical documents exchanges with your colleagues are faster thanks to the digitalisation of these documents. You can follow-up more easily different medical events related to your registered patients. You can benefit from help for the management of the care paths.In helping your patients to be supported more easily, avoiding redundant actions, you increase their trust in you. Less filing and less risk losing medical documents (fire, robbery, etc.).

For general practitioners, the Réseau Santé Wallon broadens the access to Inter-Med services : you can make emergency medical summaries available for your colleagues, and in turn, receive a medical summary of the medical duties.

Medical duty

Patient’s care is made easier, thanks among other to the access to the emergency medical summaries made available by your colleagues. In the interest of the patients’ medical care continuity, the doctor on duty can create a temporary medical summary for the patient’s family doctor (medication change, etc.).