For administrative questions or suggestions, please contact the Fratem secretary.  

In case of computer technical dysfunction, please contact the IT Help Desk. 

In case of dispute, a mediation service is at your disposal.


​Contacts details
​IT Helpdesk

+32 (0)71/924647

​Data treatment responsible

Head office

​FRATEM asbl 

rue de Hesbaye, 75 

B-4000 Liège


Operational office

​​FRATEM asbl 

Boulevard Zoé Drion, 1 

B-6000 Charleroi 

+32 (0)71/924647

​Responsible doctor for the data treatement surveillance

Dr Philippe Jongen 


​Data protection officer

​Damien Giry


​​Emmanuel Legrand 

+32 (0)4/3707408