Care paths


Into the private space


The secured professional private space allow you to encode care paths data for your patients. Therefore you must be registered and possess your eID and its pin code.


- If you see your patient soon and if he possesses his eID: you can then register him to the Réseau Santé Wallon or add a therapeutic link with him if he already is registered. This patient benefits of the whole functions of the RSW. 


- If you do not see your patient soon, or if he does not desire to be registered on the RSW: you can register this patient only for the care paths, to encode his care path data. The other RSW functions will not be accessible for this patient. If he wishes it, he can register in the future to be able to benefit of the other RSW functions.


You will find here the procedure details (PowerPoint), accessible from the private space. 

The LMN (Local Multidisciplinary Networks) of Namur has also realised step by step video's for the 3 methods from the private space (from the website access to the patient registration with his eID and pin code / without pin code / registration for care paths only, and encoding of a care path). Those videos can be seen on full screen by increasing them thanks to the 4 arrows button, on the right side below the video.


Some EMR's allow you to create a .csv file, which can be uploaded here after placing your eID in your card reader.


Out of the private space


Other methods exist:

- Some EMR will allow you to directly access the RSW patient's file ;

- The Local Multidisciplinary Networks (LMN) can encode your patients' care paths data into a secured form. This option can be used by doctors registered on the RSW, who do not possess the required material to access the patient's file on the website (Pin code forgotten, computer configuration, etc.). Please contact your reference LMN to know more about the practical conditions to transmit your patients' data.