How to register?


Before launching the application, read the requirement and all the details of the procedure to follow (FR).

General practitioner or out-of-hospital specialist


The procedure follows 3 steps: 

1. As out-of-hospital specialist, you must first make sure a circle or a hospital will answer for you. In case of doubt, please contact the direction attaché. As general practitioner, ask your circle who is the doctor who can answer for you. You must indeed indicate the name of the doctor who will accredit you in the third step. 


2. Then you can register on the website (eID card / Pin code / Inami number / name of your accreditor):



If you do not possess an eID card reader or your ID card pin code, you can register thanks to a paper form directly into your circle (FR), or by completing this form (FR). Please note that the access to the patient's file via the Internet portal needs the use of the eID and its pin code. 


3. The accreditor grants the access rights. 

Hospital doctor


The registration goes through your medical direction, please contact it for more information.